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International Data Group, Inc. (IDG) is a Massachusetts registered and headquartered media, events and research company focused on the tech landscape. Founded in 1964 by Patrick Joseph McGovern in Newtonville, Massachusetts, the organization is made up of International Data Corporation (IDC) and IDG Communications, which includes the CIO, Computerworld, PCWorld, Macworld, InfoWorld, and JavaWorld brands. Serving technology decision-makers and enthusiasts in 147 countries, IDG was bought by China Oceanwide[2] in 2017 while maintaining U.S. based leadership.

A former Account Coordinator of IDG in Framingham, MA shared his opinion to Indeed in September 2017:

"No training support, poor management, you are on your own. Regardless of your initiative and willingness to constantly improve... You have no direction or structure in doing so... Let alone structure to do your job. You are often left in the dark."


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Former Employee - Content Strategist says

"Directors play favorites with writers, editors and content strategists. If you aren't one of their favorites, you'll find yourself cut out of opportunities"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where should i start??? everything about this poor excuse of a company is a joke. Doesn't even deserve the 1 star. Too many discriminatory practices to mention here. Terrible hostile work fosters negative clicques although they pretend they dont they actually encourage it...its part of their culture. Psychopaths in managment roles, no morals, no ethics etc..HR is completely useless and are bullies themselves which is why they condone this disgusting behaviour. You run a very bad operation where people are treated poorly unless they are willing to play the nasty office politics and kiss up game. Extemely lucky they haven't been sued."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Zero opportunity for advancement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The business plans from the higher-ups were chaotic, amorphous, and constantly evolving. Lots of turnover in leadership back then."

Former Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"No banner impressions, no lead generation database, no real network, exchange or programmatic platform. Strictly a 3rd party vendor"

Account Director says

"Synergy, bring together more synergy"

Former Employee - Lead Generation Agent says

"salary, micro-management,toxic working environment"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Where do I start?! Terrible management where the 'boys club's ruled and if you weren't part of that you were nobody. The MD was unapproachable and rude. I received no training and I have never witnessed a sales team who never pick up the phone like this one."

Former Employee - Sales says

"silo structure, terrible communication between business units the most quiet office I've ever seen, sales people don't actually talk to clients, they have all been in the job for 10+ years and just sit around hired to bring 'fresh ideas', all new ideas met with scepticism and a negative attitude misled during the hiring process, reality completely different from job description and initial conversations the general state of mind is to keep doing the same over and over again, no innovation no decent benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very negative atmosphere created by team leader. Team leader was very critical and gave little encouragement or positive feedback or advice on how to improve. High turnover rate. Very demoralising place to work."

Cocktail Server (Former Employee) says

"IDG requires their servers to work through their lunch break and still lock out. IDG requires their employees to buy uniforms from them ($120) and they dont give you the money back if you leave. the hardest part of the job was working with co-workers who were not properly trained, and management that did not want you to succeed."

Business Development Executive (Lead Generator) says

"The job is boring and you'll hey a lot of slack from the people you call, but that would be bearable if the highest management had any idea how top treat employees like human beings, rather than slugs caught in their shoes. They keep changing the rules without telling employees and then blaming the employees for it, they dangle advancement promises in front of you and never deliver. Run away and don't look back."

Temporary Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"IDG is a fantastic place to work...if you aren't there through a temp agency. It will negate your advancement opportunity in an environment that is strictly for people who wish for their employment to be on a part-time basis with minimal responsibility. This being said, it is an incredible stepping stone in one's career path in the professional workspace. I have gained valuable life lessons (such as punctuality, a willingness to work long hours, attention to detail, time management skills, and an overall boost in my organization level both personally and professionally).You get a paycheck every week, nothing exceptionally difficult as far as work goesNo advancement opportunites"

Site Manager (Former Employee) says

"The people out side of corporate are great. On site was a fantastic experience, always busy and full days, very large campus."

Site Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"purchasing, accounts payable and receivables, warehouseenjoyed all people that I worked withIDG not qualified at Seadrift Coke"

Estagiária Educadora (Former Employee) says

"Nada a declarar sobre a empresa contratante, porém ocorriam alguns episódios de assédio moral por parte do responsável do setor no qual eu prestava serviço, episódios com quase toda a equipe. Os colegas dos outros setores muita das vezes colaboravam e eram agradáveis. A parte mais agradável foi aprender a lidar com uma grande gama diversificada de público, por se tratar de um espaço público(Biblioteca Parque Estadual).infra estruturarefeição na empresa"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"Working at IDG you meet some great people that turn into lifetime friendships. Management isn’t the greatest and depending on the department there isn’t much work life balance. You do however learn a lot while working here.Enjoyed all people that I worked with. Good benefitsVery little advancement opportunities"

Employee/Manager (Former Employee) says

"They have to think outside the box to stay relevant. This is ok however some of the programs are not very good but are pitched as something they are not."

Procurement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at IDG for almost a decade and because another company decided to fire a site out of state we got caught up in the wake. Collateral damage.It paid money and my co-workers were amazingWork environment"

Shrimp Sampler (Former Employee) says

"this job was very difficult and required you to be on your feet sometimes up to 24hrs a day. I still enjoyed it and I had alot of good co-workers in this was goodtoo many long hours"

BUYER (Current Employee) says

"Should follow top down management management spread to thin over areas of operation"

French Technical Sales support (Former Employee) says

"I had a good time in IDG. i reckon that is a good place if you want to develop sales skills but not if you want to develop some leadership or time management skills. The manager was human but stressedTeamworkNo development plan for workers"

Head of Sales North of England (Former Employee) says

"A real privilege to work with employers of all Sectors and Sizes and to be able to support their objectives. Working with like minded people made the job worthwhile, as always sharing tips and able to have a bit of banter as well as deliver the numbers. Lots of change that had to be managed and this sometimes was difficult but necessary to enable the company to survive.Autonomy to self manage and choice of home workingtravel distances and impact on time/wellbeing"


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